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Meet My Web Shortcuts - Your tool for personalized browsing! This free, open-source browser extension lets you create custom keyboard shortcuts to click on elements in any website, boosting productivity by enabling swift actions without constant cursor movement. Enjoy a more personalized and efficient browsing experience!
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Frequently Asked Questions

First of all, what is My Web Shortcuts?
Good First Question!
My Web Shortcuts is a browser extension built for clicking (& more) on elements in a website using keyboard keys. It let's you select any element (button, link, etc.) on a website, and asks you for the shortcut key you want to use to click on it. Now, whenever you press on the key, that element will be clicked.
What are some possible use cases of this?
(Watch this video to get a better idea)
Well, it depends on you. There are numerous scenarios where it can be used. Navigating and accessing the web will be much faster with this tool. Most of the times, you will be creating shortcuts for the websites you often go to.
For example, on, you can set a shortcut to click on Skip Ad, show/hide video description, open a playlist, voice search, open notifications box, show/hide live chat, etc.
Is it paid?
My Web Shortcuts is 100% free & open source. But we need your support to keep working on it, if you are capable, please consider supporting us.
Can I sync the shortcuts on my other browsers and computers?
We're currently in the beginning of it's development, so syncing feature is not available. However, we will be adding an option to import/export shortcuts.
Please note that the syncing feature will require us to pay for the recurring cloud bills, and therefore, we would need to make that feature a paid one. If we're able to get a lot of support from the community, we can make it free upto a limit.
I'm facing some issues, how can I get support?
Please join our Discord server or tag us on Twitter and share your issue with us.
I'm a developer, interested in contributing to this project.
We're pleased to know that! Please go to to know how you can contribute.

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